Transaction states

Transactions process by mPAY24 can result in the following states:

ERRORThe transaction failed upon the last request. (e.g. wrong/invalid data, financial reasons, ...)
RESERVEDThe amount was reserved but not settled/billed yet. The transaction was successful.
RESERVED_REVERSALThe reserved amount was complaint.
BILLEDThe amount was settled/billed. The transaction was successful.
BILLED_REVERSALThe amount was complaint (chargeback). Please get in touch with the customer.
REVERSEDThe reserved amount was released. The transaction was canceled.
CREDITEDThe amount will be refunded. The transaction was credited.
CREDITED_REVERSALThe credited amount was complaint.
SUSPENDEDExpecting external interface confirmation. The transaction is suspended temporarily.
WITHDRAWNThe payout was successful. The amount will be transfered to the customer.

Table: Transaction states with description

During the life-time of a transaction its state can change. Normally this happens up to three times and is displayed in the diagram below. Exception to this rule are payment systems capable of changing from any state to any state. Currently only EPS, PAYPAL and SOFORT are able to do so.

The time span between transaction state changes can strongly vary - even months after the last change (e.g. in case of a transaction credit).


Diagram of transaction state flow


BILLED is the only transaction state in which the merchant receives the requested amount from the financial institution.