Test and productive system

mPAY24 maintain two separated systems: test and productive system

Upon registration each merchant gets an account on both systems. These accounts and their configuration are strictly separated and passwords are generated independently. The account ID has each a different first digit for the test and productive system respectively. The remaining four digits of the ID remain constant.

Important: Live transactions initiated on the test system cannot be recovered, since the payment process is simulated on the test system.

Productive systemTest system
Merchant IDstarting with 7starting with 9
IP: Merchant to mPAY2437.221.72.0/24 - PRIMARY3.125.197.31 - PRIMARY
IP: mPAY24 to merchant37.221.72.0/24 - PRIMARY18.192.138.119 - PRIMARY
Port: Merchant to mPAY24443443
Port: mPAY24 to merchant80 or 44380 or 443

Table: Overview of productive and test system (ID, URLs, IPs, ports)

Note: Notifications from IPs not listed above should be rejected.

The mPAY24 test system might be used by mPAY24 for internal tests and therefore may not be available 24/7. mPAY24 reserves the right to disable or discontinue the test system without prior notice.

Support for the mPAY24 test system is only available during the office hours.