Return codes and error messages

mPAY24 provides within each operation response the status and returnCode element.


The status element specifies if the operation itself was successful or not. It does not specify if the transaction was successful or not.

OKThe operation was ok (no error occurred).
ERRORThe operation was not ok (see returnCode for more information).


The following list contains a short description of the currently returned values of
returnCode. Additionally some codes are described in detailed afterwards. The list can
be extended by mPAY24 at any time.

0OKThe transaction was ok (no error occurred).
1DECLINEDThe transaction was declined by the external payment interface.
2BLOCKEDThe transaction was blocked.
3ACCESS_DENIEDThe merchant’s IP address is not white listed.
4MERCHANT_LOCKEDThe merchant id is locked.
5PAYMENT_METHOD_NOT_ACTIVEThe desired payment system is not active.
6<parameter>_NOT_ENTEREDA mandatory parameter is missing.
7<parameter>_NOT_CORRECTThe parameter supplied is not valid.
8OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe operation is not supported.
9PTYPE_MISMATCHThe payment method mismatches.
10NOT_FOUNDThe transaction was not found.
11ALREADY_PROCESSEDThe transaction has been processed and can not be processed again.
12CACHE_DATA_EXPIREDThe temporary cache data are invalid due to expiration.
13INVALID_MDXIThe MDXI XML stream could not be validated.
14INVALID_PRICE \ INVALID_AMOUNTThe parameter price \ amount holds invalid values.
15INVALID_CREDITCARD_NUMBERThe credit card number is not plausible.
16INVALID_MAESTRO_NUMBERThe Maestro card number is not plausible.
17INVALID_IBANThe provided IBAN is not plausible.
20PROFILE_NOT_FOUNDmPAY24 payment profile could not be found.
21PROFILE_NOT_SUPPORTEDmPAY24 Profile is not activated.
22PROFILE_FLEX_NOT_SUPPORTEDmPAY24 Profile FLEX is not activated.
23PROFILE_COUNT_EXCEEDEDThe maximum number of payment profiles of a customer is reached.
30TOKEN_NOT_FOUNDThe token has not been found or has already been used.
31TOKEN_NOT_VALIDThe token is invalid due to missing or incorrect data.
32TOKEN_EXPIREDThe token has not been used and is expired.
33TOKEN_ENCRYPTION_FAILUREThe token data could not be encrypted.
34TOKEN_DECRYPTION_FAILUREThe token data could not be decrypted.
40WITHDRAW_NOT_ALLOWEDWithdraw operation is not allowed for the merchant.
50TRANSACTION_ALREADY_CLEAREDThe transaction has already been cleared.
60CREDIT_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe total amount of all credits exceeds the clearing amount.
61CLEARING_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe total amount of all clearing exceeds the reservation amount.
99INTERNAL_ERRORAn error during the communication occurred.
100EXTERNAL_ERRORThe external payment interface returned an error.


The returnCode OK indicates that a operation was processed. It does not specifies the
transactions state. If the returnCode OK was returned, the transaction state is either
additionally specified or can be received via the Confirmation Interface.

Special scenario with profiles

If a profile is created or updated during a payment process, following ReturnCodes are possible:

OKPROFILE_CREATEDThe transaction was ok and the profile created
OKPROFILE_UPDATEDThe transaction was ok and the profile updated
OKPROFILE_ERRORThe transaction was ok but the profile was not stored/updated


The transaction was declined by the specific external payment interface and can not be
processed any more. No technical problem occurred during the transaction.

The merchant should advise the customer to refer to his issuer about the reason of the


An error during the communication occurred. The operation was not successful and in most
cases the transaction has not been processed. For further questions about a transaction
with returnCode INTERNAL_ERROR contact the mPAY24 support.


This error is also returned if the external payment interface returns an
incorrect or unknown error code.


An error occurred while processing through the external payment interface and a correct
error code was returned by this interface. The operation was not successful and the
transaction has not been processed.

The return value errText may contain additional information supplied by the external
payment interface if a public error code (or message) was defined by the interface. If
possible, the error message is returned in the language defined upon request (default: DE).

In case of a non public error code as defined by the external payment interface, a general
message will be provided, since the merchant or respectively the customer is not allowed
to be notified about the reason of the error.