Payment systems

Available payment systems

In the following table all available payment systems are listed with their names and payment type abbreviations used by mPAY24. Note that some payment systems require to redirect the customer to a third party site, e.g. a bank site.

AmericanExpressCCAMEXPossible14 days*1 year
Diners ClubCCDINERSNo14 days*1 year
JCBCCJCBNo28 days*1 year
MasterCardCCMASTERCARDPossible14 days*1 year
VISACCVISAPossible14 days*1 year
MaestroMAESTROn/aNo1 dayn/a
Online-BankingEPSEPS, INTERNATIONALYesn/an/a
Online bankingGIROPAYn/aYesn/an/a
Direct debitELVB4PNon/a1 year
Direct debit (AT)ELVHOBEX-ATNon/a1 day**
Direct debit (DE)ELVHOBEX-DENon/a1 day**
Direct debit (NL)ELVHOBEX-NLNon/a1 day**
PayPalPAYPALn/aYesn/a60 days
Online bankingSOFORTn/aYesn/an/a
ALIPAYALIPAYn/aYesn/apossible - no timeframe known

* If not defined otherwise.
** Only amounts equal the authorized amount can be credited until 11pm the same day.

In case of successful payment initiation, almost all payment types produce a returnCode = REDIRECT.


Do not attempt to display the location URL or the mPAY24 PayPage in an IFRAME or pop-up to avoid displaying errors of third party sites.

mPAY24 recommends to implement the location URL or the mPAY24 PayPage as redirect (full screen).

Supported acquirer features

In the following list of credit card acquirer shows the support of specific features by mPAY24.

AcquirerMultiple ClearingMultiple CreditingWithdraws
American ExpressYesYesNo
Atos WorldlineNoNoNo
Card CompleteYes*Yes*No
Diners ClubYesYesNo
eps Online BankingNoNoNo
Hobex (credit cards)NoNoNo
Hobex (direct debit)NoNoNo
paybox Payment ServiceNoNoNo
Secure TradingYesYesYes
SIX Payment ServicesYesYesNo
Sofort Online BankingNoNoNo
Zagrebačka bankaNoNoNo

*needs to be activated by mPAY24

Supported currencies

All currency codes as proposed by ISO 4217 are supported by mPAY24.

Using any other currency for the transaction then defined in the agreement between the merchant and the acquirer can either result in unexpected transaction fees for both the customer and the merchant or result in an error.

Payment system timeouts

The following timeout values are known from the various payment systems.


These information are subject to change without notice and does not necessarily reflect the actual setting in place.

PTypeBrandDescriptionTotal timeout information
CCMASTERCARDMastercard SecureCode siteVaries and depends on the bank
CCVISAVerified by VISA siteVaries and depends on the bank
BILLPAYINVOICEInput mask for Billpay15 min. idle timeout and 30 min. total timeout
BILLPAYHPInput mask for Billpay15 min. idle timeout and 30 min. total timeout
ELVBILLPAYInput mask for Billpay15 min idle timeout and 30 min. total timeout
EPSn/aOnline banking siteVaries and depends on the bank
GIROPAYn/aOnline banking siteTotal site timeout of 5 min.
MAESTROn/aMaestro SecureCode siteVaries and depends on the acquirer
MASTERPASSn/aMasterPass Digital WalletTotal site timeout of 15 min.
MPASSn/ampass siten/a
PAYPALn/aPayPal siteIdle timeout of 5 min.
PBn/apaybox siteTotal site timeout of 3 min.
PSCn/apaysafecard siteTotal site timeout of 30 min.
QUICKn/a@Quick siten/a
SOFORTn/aSofort AG siteTotal site timeout of 15 min.