SOFORT Überweisung Configuration for merchants

1 Overview

  1. mPAY24 will create an SOFORT-account for you. A confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you stated.
    Follow the instructions of this email and create a password for your personal merchant menu for future logins.
    To log in, you always need your customer number and your password. The password is only known to you and should not be disclosed to third parties.
    After having created a password, you can directly log in to your merchant menu.
  2. In the next step, select a rate and accepted the general terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy.
  3. Enter your bank account for the billing.
  4. Create a new project
  5. Legitimation verification
  6. Please tell mPAY24 the configuration key.

2 SOFORT Project Set up and configuration

2.1 Set up a Project

After the registration, you have to set up a new project. You can find it “Projects/New project”. Create a project and choose “Gateway-Project”. In the next step, you have to set up your bank account.

Please fill in the following information for your connection with mPAY24:

General settings

  • Shop-System: mPAY24 GmbH

Settings for all payment methods

  • You can skip this step because mPAY24 is filling it in.

Payment methods

  • SOFORT Überweisung: please activate Options:
  • Sender country locked: deactivated
  • Test mode: active

After you have filled in all fields, you have to save the project.

2.2 API key

In the menu/Services/API key you can generate your API key for this project.

3 Legitimation verification

You need to fill out the legitimation verification under:
Log in with your username and password and follow the instructions in the form.

4 mPAY24 communicate your configuration key

For configuration you have to communicate the API key to mPAY24. You can find the data in projects/my projects/select your project/configuration key for your shop system.
For example: 12345:123456:abcdefgh1234567
Please don't send us the data until your project is active.

E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +43 1 513 66 33 669