Debit cards

The following brands are covered in this section: MAESTRO

Requirements to process debit card transactions:

A payment with brand MAESTRO requires the PaymentMAESTRO type and initiates a Maestro SecureCode transaction.

      <payment xsi:type="etp:PaymentMAESTRO">

Maestro SecureCode

Maestro SecureCode can only be used if the Maestro Card is enrolled for Maestro SecureCode. In most cases, this requires registration at the customer's bank.

For Maestro SecureCode, a 3-DS request is always issued automatically by mPAY24. Merchants using Backend2Backend Integration are obliged to show the following information to the customer.

  • English:

Your Maestro card may need to be registered for Maestro SecureCode. Please refer to your issuing bank for further information.

  • German:

Ihre Maestro Karte muss zur Nutzung von Maestro SecureCode freigeschaltet sein. Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ihre kartenausgebende Bank für weitere Informationen.